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Emblem of the Month, n. 11

Cramer’s Emblemata Sacra in Ørum, Denkmark Daniel Cramer’s Emblemata Sacra is the frequently most used emblem book in Protestant churches. His emblems are found in Brandenburg and North German churches. Emblemata Sacra was particularly extensively used in Denmark, as Carsten Bach Nielsen showed.[1] In the area around the town of Skive are, for example, 13 village…

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CfP: Emblem Studies at Kalamazoo 2022

2022 International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 09 – 14, 2022)  – ONLINE  Hosted by the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, the International Congress on Medieval Studies is an annual gathering of thousands of scholars interested in medieval studies. The Congress embraces the study of all aspects of Middle Ages, extending to into late antiquity…

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Project Announcement: Language — Image — Space. Applied Emblematics in the Visual Culture of Northern Germany, Southern Sweden and Denmark from the 16th to the 18th Century.

[English below] Sprache – Bild – Raum. Angewandte Emblematik in der visuellen Kultur Norddeutschlands, Südschwedens und Dänemarks vom 16. bis 18. Jahrhundert (Prof. Dr. Iris Wenderholm, Dr. Christina Kuhli, Universität Hamburg) Das Projekt interessiert sich für die Frage, welchen Stellenwert die angewandte Emblematik im westlichen Ostseeraum zwischen dem 16. und 18. Jh. für die Entstehung…

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Road to Coimbra Session 2

  Dear Colleagues We are delighted to remind the programme of the online series “Road to SES Conference Coimbra 2022”. The second session will take place on the 27th May, 2021: CHAIR: Manuel Ferro SPEAKERS: Takao Kawanishi (University of Tokyo): The Study of the symbol of Holy Grail from Coimbra in Portugal to Japan Tamar Abramson (Tel Aviv University): The Donatello…

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Road to Coimbra, Programme

Dear member, As part of the SES 12th conference in Coimbra, we are holding a series of online sessions, “The Road to Coimbra”. Here you can see and download the full programme for all the upcoming sessions: SES Road to Coimbra Programme   *  

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Road to Coimbra Session 1

Dear Colleagues We are delighted to announce the provisory programme of the forthcoming online series “Road to SES Conference Coimbra 2022”. The first session will take place on the 29th April, 2021 (see pdf with abstracts). The Chair of the Society for Emblem Studies, Prof Ingrid Hoepel, and the Director of the Interuniversitary Centre for Camonian Studies, Prof. José Carlos Seabra Pereira, will…

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Emblem of the Month, n. 009

Memorialising Mary: The Monument to Mary Queen of Scots   Many of us who saw Josie Rourke’s recent (2018) film about Mary Queen of Scots, starring Saoise Ronan and Margot Roberts, will remember that scene, quite late in the film, where the two Queens meet at some undisclosed location in the north of England. At…

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SES 12th International Conference — Postponement Announcement

Dear Colleague Considering the current circumstances caused by the spread of Covid-19, the Organizing Committee of the 12th Conference of the Society for Emblem Studies decided to postpone the meeting. It will take place in Coimbra, from June 28 to 3 July 2021. We have issued a general certificate stating that the Conference will be postponed (please see…

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