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Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro (BIDISO) – Emblemática
Universidade da Coruña (Spain)

This project was a pioneer in providing digitized pages of Spanish Emblem books (mainly from microfilms), partial transcription (mottoes, epigrams), translation of mottoes and study of each emblem attending to each one of its three parts on the internet (1995-1998). Two sections are available: Spanish Emblem Books and Emblem Books written originally in other languages  and translated into Spanish:
• Biblioteca digital de Emblemática Hispánica
• Biblioteca Digital de Libros de Emblemas Traducidos al español.
Significant contributions to research on Emblem Studies: 
– DEBOW (Digital Emblems Books on Web). A Database with 1,265 records of digital editions of emblem books currently available online. Since some of these books have copies from different sources, 2,014 copies are listed.
– Literatura Emblemática Hispánica. Bibliografía / An Online Bibliography on Emblem Studies. Consists of a database of secondary sources about Emblem studies. More than 3,200 references are currently available.
–  Symbola. Divisas o empresas históricas / Symbola. Historic Devices or Imprese  / <> is a database and digital library that collects (and provides online access to) historic devices or imprese utilized by kings, knights and ladies, clergymen, scholars, printers, etc., from the very onset of this genre, towards the end of the late Middle Ages, throughout the apex of this tradition (15th-16th centuries) until its decline at the end of the 17th century.  Symbola is envisioned as an ongoing project with gradual phases of development. At this time, the database is already available, with devices or imprese records (from thirteenth to seventeenth centuries) analyzed and the biographical data of its bearers (if known) as well as images of the devices (if extant). 
The team will be feeding the database with about 700 devices in the coming months, and will continue working.

Sagrario López Poza,
Professor (Spanish Literature 16th-17th centuries),

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