The Society for Emblem Studies


SES Publication Support

The Advisory Committee’s view is clear that it is appropriate for the Society actively to sponsor scholarly projects, in line with the aims of its constitution to facilitate emblem studies – and particularly in a climate where it is felt to be increasingly difficult to persuade commercial publishers to risk publication of scholarly work in specialist areas. It is our view that the provision of such awards should always depend on the current availability of funds, that criteria for an award should be clarified, that members should be regularly advised or reminded of their availability, and that all such awards should be announced in the Newsletter with details of the agreed publication.


    1. Applications are invited for subventions to assist with publishing costs of book-length publications edited, authored, or co-authored by members of the Society.
    2. Application may be made at any time to the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
    3. The application should take the form of a short description of the subject and relevance of the work to the objectives of the Society, stating:a) whether it has yet been accepted by a publisher or has merely been proposed and whether any subvention demands have been made by the publisher,

      b) details of other financial support either applied for or likely to be forthcoming

    4. The application should not exceed 1000 words in length.
    5. The amount of any subvention is unlikely at present to exceed £200 sterling.
    6. Whether an award is made at any time will always depend on the financial circumstances of the Society, on which the Treasurer’s advice will be sought.
    7. Applications will be circulated to the Advisory Committee for approval, who will have the option of recommending that the proposal, or if necessary the full manuscript of the book, be referred to an independent reader for approval or specialist advice.
    8. The decision on any application will be taken by the Executive Committee in the light of the advice received in 7 above.
    9. These procedures will be announced in the Newsletter, which will also include periodic reminders; they will also be placed on the Society’s website.
    10. If the publishing contract offers royalty payments to the author(s), the Society will normally expect the subvention to be repaid from any royalties received.
    11. All awards will be announced in the Newsletter.
    12. The Society’s help must be acknowledged in any publication for which an award has been granted.