The Society for Emblem Studies

Call for Papers

CfP: Renaissance Society of America 2021, Discipline of Emblem Studies

Dublin, 7–10 April 2021 

The Discipline of Emblem Studies invites papers and panels for its sessions at the annual meeting (which may be on site or virtual). We may submit up to four panels. We invite papers and panels on any subject appropriate to our discipline and especially welcome those that address the following: 

– New perspectives on the origins of emblems
– The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Exceptions to the tripartite emblem 
– Emblems of the Unknown: Utopia and the New World  
– Emblems and the Republic of Letters 
– Emblems and Cosmology 
– New perspective on emblem books 
– Practice and theory of emblem digitization
– Jesuit emblems (in memory of G. Richard Dimler) 

Panels must be organized by a current member of the Renaissance Society of America. Panels should ordinarily include no more than three presenters. 

Please submit the following: 

  • A session title no longer than 15 words; 
  • 150 word abstract for description of the panel; 
  • 150 word abstract for each of its papers; 
  • 300 word curriculum vitae for each presenter, including full name, affiliation, and email address;
  • any audiovisual requirements; 
  • session keywords. 

Papers may be submitted by anyone. Graduate students should be doctoral candidates (post prelims). 

Please submit the following in a single Word document: 

  • 150 word abstract of the paper; 
  • 300-word curriculum vitae, including full name, affiliation, and email address; 
  • any audiovisual requirements; 
  • paper keywords. 

Send all materials to Tamar Cholcman ( The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2020. Decisions on submissions will be sent out at least one week before the RSA submission deadline of 15 August 2020. 

All participants in the Dublin conference (on site or virtual) must be members of the Renaissance Society of America. 

Please note: RSA rules allow a participant to present only one paper. 

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